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PLC Monitoring Software

Datanational’s PlantTalk:PLCconnect module provides for monitoring of your machine activity through a PLC interface. PLC interfaces with PlantTalk:MES are established using a variety of common middleware tools, including RSLinx, Kepware and I/Gear. Monitoring for errors and production statistics can include the collection of basic production data such as the part number, quantity, run time, work order number, release and operation sequence. We can trigger events and update the software based on completed activity (such as cycle complete) or schedule the next machine event to take place after a required predecessor event has taken place (such as a correct scan).

PlantTalk:PLCconnect includes a basic visual monitoring display for PLC bit activity. The application is also capable of generating and sending SMTP messages 
(e-mails), based on user-defined triggers (such as error conditions).

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