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PlantTalk:Kanban software module provides for the capability for your shop floor to manage inventory to ensure parts used in the build and assembly process are replenished line-side in a timely fashion, and delivered to the correct station for your build process. 

The system is used to automate the fulfillment process of picking and replenishing the line-side inventory through automated notifications, controls, and part validation.

Shop Floor Inventory Replenishment Software

Automate the fullfillment process with PlantTalk:Kanban


Fully Integrated with PlantTalk:MES, and ERP Automation Software for your Shop Floor


Barcoding and scanning to validate parts being picked and replenished to the assembly line


Zone identification to control Hi-Lo driver's time management for required parts


Color identification to trigger "hot" or high priority parts

Data Driven

Tablet and/or monitor screen visuals of zones that have in stock or are in need of desired parts.


RF handhelds for scanning and validation

Hi Lo Drivers Efficiency

With the PlantTalk:Kanban solution in place, inventory replenishment has become more efficient and simple. Rather than your Hi Lo drivers spending countless hours circling the floor looking for parts that are beginning to run low, you now are in control of the parts needed with automation. The program requires zones in which your drivers will only pick from their given zone rather than driving around throughout the day looking for stations that need parts. 

Your Hi Lo drivers will now know what is needed and where the parts destinations reside. Not only is the shop floor more efficient but you would be also amazed to find what the savings in fuel for each Hi Lo will become over a years span. Wasted time on the shop floor is now obsolete.

Parts Built
Parts Requested

Inventory Tracking


Think of this solution as a constant reminder at the touch of your fingertips to allow for more efficient inventory stock levels on a more consistent basis. With a new PlantTalk:Kanban interface using a Windows tablet attached to the Hi-Lo or by PC at a station, this interface becomes custom to fit your shop floor as the solution is able to notify your drivers for “hot” parts, meaning parts that are hitting their minimum stock levels. 


Through the validation process, the solution keeps track of how many parts are being consumed, taking into account part quantities needed for the next build process. This will allow for  notifications and alerts to be sent to your drivers well in advance to running out of the desired parts for the line.


Replenishment requests can also be made by the line-side operators from their build stations. Once a request for replenishment is made through a touch-screen interface, a selection of eligible parts is displayed (based on the station setup) and the operator chooses which one(s) need to be delivered to the line. The application also provides for integrated messaging for line-side assistance (Call to Help).

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