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Returnable Container
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If you own your returnable containers, you take great interest in knowing that all of your containers come back from the customer site and are introduced back into the scheduled delivery rotation. The replacement of “lost” containers can be very costly, especially if you can’t easily come up with the tracking information in response to your customer’s inquiry. Without solid container tracking data, you are often left in a position to cover the entire cost of container replacement.

PlantTalk:ContainerTrack can be implemented using the traditional data collection methods (barcodes and barcode scanners) or by using Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID).

In a traditional barcode scanning environment, the system includes scanning and capturing the unique Container ID’s with every shipment and scanning them again as they are received back from the customer or your other locations.

In an RFID environment, each applicable container (or other asset) is tagged with a unique RFID tag. Each entry/exit dock door is installed with a fixed RFID reader. The system is designed to record an “out”movement of the asset if its present location is that particular site. If the RFID fixed reader reads a tag that is not associated to that location, it will be recorded as an “in” movement. Each read of the asset RFID tag is date and time stamped.

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